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Are Tinder lower? ute ago Tinder is a location-based cultural research portable

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Are Tinder lower? ute ago Tinder is a location-based cultural research portable

Final up-to-date a moment back: Tinder happens to be a location-based societal research mobile app that helps conversation between collectively interested consumers, creating compatible customers to speak. The app is definitely mostly used as a dating software.

No problems noticed at Tinder

Tinder troubles over the last a day

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Today, we haven’t recognized any trouble at Tinder. Are you presently encountering dilemmas or an outage? Set a message when you look at the remarks segment!

Most Recorded Dilemmas:

all Im saying happens to be login on tinder examine the 27 to 37 generation alcoholic addict women w 2 different infant daddies and a job dealing with high schoolers and crackheads at a jack in the box that is for yourself 1 lady men appreciate runs out, your life will finalize, dont waste materials they in a single ***

cosmo acab bone (@cosmob0nes) revealed 9 hrs ago

Why do boys on tinder continue informing me we look like problem

Ulysses junk e-mail (@peedintheshower) described 9 several hours ago

Tinder girls need a person to generally be mean in their mind. Dilemma is, Im a pretty great dude,

quentin (@quentinhoooo) claimed 12 plenty ago

Your tinder might crushed for days Im cry

emily (@manuelHighlife) stated 14 hours back

@ShouldBeRichard @Tinder Binaryunlock on Instagram makes it possible to restore your game account

(???`) (@narrownostrils) noted 14 hours back

instead of tinder wanting land ups but i am on tinder finding you to definitely deal with simple waste disposal

allie 2.0 (@lactaidlover888) noted 15 several hours ago

I presume it would be a very good thing that im blocked from tinder bc the very last time period i caved in and redownloaded a man superliked me then i continued what i assumed back then would be the number one date of my entire life and then I acquired my own heart-broken time after time for yearly

Chris (@BodakBoca) revealed 15 time ago

@JohnnyNeff Gay people. All that you do is actually crash motors and swipe put on Tinder.

sad bih (@brutalfvck) described 16 hrs earlier

spoke to amount chap on tinder for just two times and im confident im crazy. beginning to believe im the drawback ??

vinny (@pabstbluemeg) noted 17 days before

do tinder learn they’ve got survival in an uncertain future software build previously or do they only pretend want it doesnt freeze every 4 moments

@DOMOCAPITAL No, but because Tinder doesnt have actually exchangeability problem.

Wade (@SassyRedpants) documented 17 hours before

I’ll produce a tinder inside member profile it has “I ACTUALLY DO HAVE NO CELEBRITY WARS LEGO MODELS” “I DETEST MAPLE SYRUP” “WE HAVE NEVER DIED IN A DODGY automobile CRASH” Should you get precisely why We claimed this remember Everyone loves a person

Crewshul? (@Crewshul) documented 18 plenty ago

we applied to enjoy 20 opportunities smashed plus the girl whos wiped her tinder 100 periods i very like each time she comes home am using lol

G?? (@kinkylittlepea1) claimed 18 weeks ago

Doubt for Online SWers: Would makers routinely have a legal contract for performing w non pro collaborators? sample tinder dates that want to help with making articles If you are exactly what do a person usually put-on they? I wish to making one so I can make the most of your slutty article vaccine period

adventurer tiny (@arloschneider) described 18 times ago

kollin with a k try a male i beaten with on tinder fresher yr just who i produced enjoy oh hello beside me inside my dormitory area for 15 minutes before recognizing the man searched just like the youngster I would only separated with so we generated our roommate question him or her to go out of but the man lead his or her sweatshirt

chichikk (@ChichikkWow) reported 19 time ago

I cant does tinder any longer recently I want to meet some body while working at my personal landscaping store tasks which drops deeply in love with myself like im in a florist AU on Ao3

?conn? (@connkavanaghxo) reported 19 weeks ago

the quantity of periods ive lied to guy on tinder declaring I happened to be implementing school assignments once im in fact lying in sleep taking in my personal fat in dishes

Anaid??? (@cheekennoogets) documented 21 hours ago

Simple ex unrivaled with me at night on tinder here. ways hes ultimately advancing, hes at long last a relationship once again. They shouldnt be able to be happy as he remaining me very shattered.

toradora the explorer (@baileyzindel) reported 21 plenty ago

i want to generate a tinder account so i can put my own bio as aromantic but maybe you can correct me

Miguel17_SexyMF (@Miguel17_IDGAF) documented 23 hrs in the past

Absolutely a bug on Tinder so long as you put into their bio i acquired a Big **** itll match you with a number of girls. Like legit they want to deal with that ??

WazzaTheWasp?? (@WarrenHobbs88) documented 23 hrs before

@J4CKMULL we see that tinder premium happens to be using

pitboy (@MRD4LE) reported 23 hrs before

The catboy picture of pitbull has not yet generated my personal tinder drive more fits I presume this thing try crushed

KAS?Y (@bitpixi) revealed 23 days before

Whenever Duncan was actually using and cannt see a coding solution on StackOverflow, he’d get simple Tinder, right-swipe on all of the designers to inquire of it and would how to get the answer faster than he’d requesting his or her partners. THIS is how you have a womans reply-guys on the net.

an (@an57617937) stated yesterday


Precisely what isn’t operating?

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Make sure you let us know precisely what concern you are suffering from with Tinder:

  • Check in
  • Using The Internet Qualities
  • App Failing
  • Microtransactions
  • Errors

Thanks a lot for your report! For those who have any secrets or annoyances you would like to show, satisfy allow an email in the responses segment!

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